What the HELL???

Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
Ok so if you've read the assignment list for December/January 2012 you might have a few questions. If you haven't read it then you are wondering what the hell I am going on about!!
The Eden Lit Club has decided to expand it's awareness of each writer's work. We are going to be taking a critical look at one topic per Month, and it will become more and more challenging as the year progresses. We will offer some in depth critique at the meeting on this topic while discussing the others in the manner we have always done it. Don't know how that was? Check out our previous monthly meeting forums!
Now this will not be a flay you alive and show our superiority type of critique but it will discuss how well the work followed the topic, form, structure, readibility and whether the author's intentions came through to the reader. This is all aimed at improving our work while getting some real feedback from 'fans'.
With this in mind we invite all timid writers to come check out the fun, supportive atmosphere at our meetings. For more fearless writers we welcome the opportunity to give you some real amazing feedback that will help you to focus and target your work.
We also invite all lover's of really good writing to join us and give us some feedback from the perspective of being a reader!

Our next scheduled meeting will be on January 9, 2012 right here at the EF forums. To read our past as well as current work check out our Blog managed by Rayne!
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Spoken Pandora Spoken Pandora
Love the new direction, this should be fun...and very insightful...
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Sounds great. It is on my list of goals to get involved in Eden Lit club. Feedback is a take it or leave it thing. Feedback is good. Honesty and tough skin can lead to growth.
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