Halloween Party Dates!

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Halloween Party Dates!

Jul!a Jul!a
Hey there everybody, if you're in here, you're probably interested in helping to pick a date for our awesome-tacular Halloween party. There are a few options here, so I'm leaving it up to you guys for when we get down and party!
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
I have no strong desire towards any particular date, count my vote towards whatever has the most
darthkitt3n , married with children , Kindred
I don't have a strong preference, so long as it's during the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
Chilipepper , Coralbell , ZenaidaMacroura , Nora , ellejay , P'Gell , Jul!a , Starkiller87 , Taylor , aliceinthehole
I prefer the weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
padmeamidala , DeliciousSurprise , FaerieLove , Nothere , lilly555 , Airen Wolf
I would like it to be held during one of the following dates/times:
Thursday, October 20th from 8-10pm EST
Jul!a , Sir , aliceinthehole
Friday, October 21st from 7-9pm EST
ToyTimeTim , Nothere
Saturday, October 22nd - time open for discussion
DeliciousSurprise , FaerieLove , ToyTimeTim , Nothere
Sunday, October 23rd - time open for discussion
DeliciousSurprise , FaerieLove , Nothere
Monday, October 24th from 7-9pm EST
Coralbell , FaerieLove , Jul!a , aliceinthehole
Friday, October 28th from 7-9pm EST
ZenaidaMacroura , Dawn (Lilac Distraction) , ToyTimeTim
Saturday, October 29th - time open for discussion
DeliciousSurprise , ToyTimeTim
Sunday, October 30th - time open for discussion
Ansley , DeliciousSurprise
Monday, October 31st from 7-9PM EST
Jul!a , aliceinthehole
I would like to suggest a different date/time that isn't listed here
Other/I like to wear festive holiday lights on strings to these events
Ghost , DeliciousSurprise , ToyTimeTim , Nothere , aliceinthehole , Airen Wolf
Total votes: 50 (24 voters)
Poll is closed
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Chilipepper Chilipepper
Any weekday. I would also like to add that I'd prefer it not to be too late, like start about 8p EST or so. In deference to those who work and are in school.
Coralbell Coralbell
Monday the 24th would be ideal for me, but I could probably make any weekday work.

The 31st would be great for me too since it's also a Monday, but I have a feeling a lot of other people wouldn't want it then, especially those who have to take their kids trick or treating.
Ansley Ansley
Bumpity bump bump bump
Jul!a Jul!a
So far it's looking like during the week is winning!
P'Gell P'Gell
Weekday days are my best times. We have two birthdays in October. My Man's on the 31st and my little one's on the 21st. So, for me, those days are out. My Man will probably be home and... will need things. Plus, I'll be baking pies and getting the house ready for Halloween and Trick or Treaters. On the 21st, I'll be baking cakes or cup cakes for my little one. We don't have a Birthday Party date planned for her, yet.

We need a "makin' love" smilie. For real.
Jul!a Jul!a
Not too late to get your opinions in!
Dawn (Lilac Distraction) Dawn (Lilac Distraction)
I voted for the 28th! It could be my birthday party, too!
ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
A weekend would work best for me but I'll come no matter what day it is, just might not be able to stay the whole time.

I especially like string lights that hang from my nipples.
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