New and still learning the ropes of this site

Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
New to this site still trying to figure things out. I am intrested in getting involved in some of the forum posts but not sure where to even start. I would also like to join some of the clubs but I do not know how to do this either. Any help is greatlt appricated. Thanks
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Jaimes Jaimes
Welcome! We're glad to have you. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

Now that you have an account, its super easy to participate in forum discussions, and there is a nifty calendar on the Forum home page that can tell you the dates of different club meetings. In fact, you should join us tonight for our CommunityAwards! You'll meet lots of people, most of whom are really involved here on the site, and will be happy to introduce you to a few cool features!
Beck Beck
Welcome to EF! If you are looking to get involved with Reviews too, the mentor program is the way to go. You get to study under a higher ranked reviewer and they can help you with any questions you may have. Also the regulars you will notice in no time, will answer any and all of your questions, just send one of us a message.
Secret Pleasure Secret Pleasure
Thanks for the responces I appricate it. I did request a mentor but nobody has gotten back to me yet. I am very intrested in being a reviewer. I am going to school for journalism and was one of the editors of my college paper for 2 years. I have also worked for several newspapers and been published. I enjoy poetry as well. So basically I love to write. I must admit my grammar and spelling is not always the best, but its a work in progess. I do want to get involved right away though, however I am still kind of confused on how to start writing reviews.
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