Are you supposed to make the millstone assignment your 100th review?

Mwar Mwar
It's probably a dumb question. I'm at 99 reviews and could write my 100th, but I'd like my milestone assignment to be the 100th review. Does it matter? What did you guys do?
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- Kira - - Kira -
You get the milestone assignment *after* you hit 100, so it can't be your 100th review.
js250 js250
As Kira said--the milestone is awarded to you after the 100th review. I have chosen an item I really enjoyed or that was very different for me for my milestones. It made it more special for me to review....
Mwar Mwar
Ah! Thanks for sharing! For some reason I thought it was for the 100th review! Thanks!
justme23 justme23
I never heard about this. Interesting.
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