Looking for publishing advice

freshbananas freshbananas
I decided this year that if I didn't work towards publishng a book I would never fogive myself. I just hit my first mile stone 10,000 words!

I haven't decided if I wanted to go towards romance or romance erotica. I am hoping to punch out between 60-100,000 words for my book. It would be a hedrosexual couple, sci fi, furuteristic, big outer conflict (war of the galexy) with innder conflicts for the couple. I know I can turn it into either turn it into a tender mushy, PC book or I go for sweet but tough love D/s stuff.

Do you have advice for me?
This will be my first attempt to be published. Being my first are there themes I shouldn't touch? I've been studying publishers from the big to the small and their requirements. Are there things I should be aware of? Publishers I should aviod?
as a model for a number of years I learned there were people you just didn't work with, catch phases in contracts that were red flags and so forth
and I want to make sure there are not any of these I should be aware of. Also I type slightly better in my books, its not nearly as painful as reading this post!
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Iamconfused1 Iamconfused1
I just finished my first book about six months ago and am now stuck trying to either find an agent or get my book published directly through a publisher. The only advise that I can offer is that no matter how many times your manuscript might get rejected by agents or publishers, never give up the fight. It might take a few years but eventually someone will see the potential and hard work that went into writing your novel. I hope everything works out well for you, I'm still trying lol.
remember.me remember.me
I know this post is old but if you're still around...My advice? Do all the work yourself and self-publish. No need to wait for a publisher. Pay for a good cover, an editor, build yourself a platform, promote the book beforehand, and then publish it! Better pay, and less people in the middle between you and your book, and no waiting on someone else to say it's good enough to be seen by the world. That's what I did. I've published 10 books in a year and it's amazing! Don't be afraid to hit up bloggers and other authors as well. There is a big indie community out there. You can message me, if you want, for any question you have. GL!
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