Too raunchy for erotica?

JennSenn JennSenn
Moderation is key. Variety is the spice. I guess. It's all dependent on situation and writing style. But I don't prefer clinical terms or long ass descriptions. Just say it! Otherwise, I can get through repetition and sometimes even bad euphemisms like "womanhood" or whatever.
Destri Destri
I don't mind, in fact I guess I sort of expect it!
sodapin sodapin
Originally posted by Callisto
Do you mind if your erotica mentions "cock" or "pussy"?

What do you like better?
It kinda depends on my mood, but I generally lean towards more graphic stuff.
Nacht Stern Nacht Stern
I am used to slang in porn, so I am usually expecting to read it in erotica.
I don't mind it, but I like Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty trilogy. She refers to those as "her sex." I like the classiness of it (if possible), and it keeps the imaginary going for me instead of mussing it up with slang.
Rory Rory
I don't use that type of language myself but I expect it in my books. I hate when they talk around what they are trying to say.
SexyPrincess SexyPrincess
The rauchier the better
Leather & Lace Leather & Lace
I like it more classy
kdlt kdlt
Originally posted by Faeya
I like raunchy terms, and even a little bit of purple stuff, but occasionally a phrase just throws me off. For example, I read a novel once that used "manhood" and "womanhood"...drove me nuts. It just sounded...strange.
I totally agree! Although I'd definitely rather see 'cock' or 'pussy' than some long-winded metaphor about intimate areas-- even if it was only a little bit of purple prose.
lainebug lainebug
Originally posted by Callisto
Do you mind if your erotica mentions "cock" or "pussy"?

What do you like better?
It depends on what mood and/or tone you want to create.
llellsee llellsee
I like raunchy terms, I don't like feeling like erotica is almost censored or using kids language to describe genitals.
Serena Slave Serena Slave
Originally posted by Callisto
Do you mind if your erotica mentions "cock" or "pussy"?

What do you like better?
not a fan of pussy, but what else can he really call it? and if he likes it does not bother me.
1001 Pleasures 1001 Pleasures
I don't mind explicit language in erotica at all. It always seems kind of comical to me when a writer uses a lot of "purple prose" in place of more explicit words.
caffeinated caffeinated
I love sex scenes that focus on the passion and the action of the moment instead of coming up with flowery ways to disguise what's happening.
LoneOokami LoneOokami
I prefer pussy or cunt over any other word for vaginas
MrsandMrbunnysoffun MrsandMrbunnysoffun
I tend to like the classy kink. Not so much Manhood or etc, but classy
angel42539 angel42539
I like the raunchy terms who wants to read a erotica book and not hear stuff like that? Not me
LittleSecret LittleSecret
Originally posted by Ryuson
I don't mind if it's in the dialogue, but it gets a little old in the actual descriptions. I prefer "His shaft hardened" To "His cock/dick hardened."
Yeah! You've got to have a little creative variety! Saying "the dick/cock did this. The dick/cock did that." over and over not only shows bad vocabulary choice, but it also shows that it might be the authors first time writing something like this. Gets boring and makes it lose the flavor fast because you start realizing other little things that you didn't notice before.
wicked48 wicked48
Doesn't matter to me one way or the other.
Lavendar Lavendar
I like graphic terms
Boyfriend Boyfriend
I like raunchy terms.
SickOnSin SickOnSin
Originally posted by Callisto
Do you mind if your erotica mentions "cock" or "pussy"?

What do you like better?
There are romance novels that mention cock or pussy. Hell when I write I usually use cock or pussy. Why? Because saying he slowly moved her hand and slid a finger along her pussy (slit or mound also work) sound so much better than vagina in this context. When talking about penises it's always a cock. Why because I like the way the word rolls off the tongue.
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