ASLAN Pink Candy Editions! Which are you most excited about?

harvest harvest
I think all of it looks pretty good, honestly.
Hipposterous Hipposterous
I bought the cuffs and collar last year, as well as a ball gag which I do not believe is part of the "Pink Candy" line, but matches perfectly. I'm a kinkster who loves light-hearted fun but still expects quality, and I love that the Pink Candy edition has brought me quality products in fun and cute colors. I can't wait to get the Minx harness! (I accidentally pressed the Jaguar harness, whoops!)
TheirPet TheirPet
The collar and the cuffs. MMF!
Creepellah Creepellah
Pink Candy Minx Harness
KitKat16 KitKat16
I love the mix of color from Aslan beyond the cherry and it possible Aslan might bring out more special edition colors for their harnesses? If they did, that would be pretty sweet! I could go for a grey or orange.
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