Lily Cade & Aslan

klyte klyte
There's a harness from Aslan that she uses in some of her shoots that looks like the Minx(cherry) that is sold on Eden. It's black and brown, though and I absolutely love it. I've been searching for it for a long time, but to no avail. I absolutely love this site, it's got great products, and for their quality, an outstanding price. Lily Cade is actually who told me about it to begin with and I really love their business What do you guys think? What are your views on their harnesses, are they too expensive for your budget?
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Rawhide Rawhide
It might be the Minx Leopard print- when the Minx first came out they had a brownish Leopard print with black accents that was availaible but it isn't there anymore.

As far as cost for Aslan's harnesses, I think it is completely justifiable for three reasons. First, premium leather and steel/brass hardware ain't cheap. Second, constructing such items (doing sewing with leather, riveting, etc) is hard work. And third, they offer a lifetime guarentee, so over time the harness will really pay for itself.

It's insane that there are nylon/spandex harnesses that cost as much as the Jaguar out there. Those materials aren't expensive and they don't last a lifetime.
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