Astrea 1 Vibrating Briefs

lazymalley lazymalley
Al Bloom
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I couldn't find the product on here yet is it avail here? I saw one for men here. It sounds like a great product. My question is if it gets wet while wearing it will it shock the person wearing it (I am sure it won't but I didn't see that disclaimer) also is it noisy? Also does it come in plus sizes?

It sure sounds like fun to wear.
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Epiphora Epiphora
I'm not Al, obviously, but I have these. The underwear of course is one size fits "most" and don't really fit me very well. The vibrating part goes into the crotch, but way too far down, so it is nowhere near my clit and instead vibrates my perineum. It's not too noisy, but... it's not fun.
Abombadong Abombadong
couldnt you just put em in different panties?
Nichole G Nichole G
Originally posted by Abombadong
couldnt you just put em in different panties?
You could wear a different pair of panties if the others don't fit. They are a one size fits all.

We do have other vibrating panties you can look at. Check them out here: link
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