Do you have any advice for a petite woman looking for a vibrator?

Mochakaboom Mochakaboom
Do you guys recommend any toys for petite females?
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Al Bloom Al Bloom
Originally posted by Mochakaboom
Do you guys recommend any toys for petite females?
Here are some suggestions of stimulators (rabbit style)that were designed for petite women:

Slimline Decadence (0664-04-3)...the diameter is 1" as opposed to 1.25" to 1.5" on most. TPR/Safe and Pure

Petite Couture (4569 Series). A complete collection of vibrators and rabbit style vibes. Medical grade Silicone

Lil' Teasers - 3 petite styles (4559) vibrators/Silicone

Hugs and Kisses - The "Hugs" model is a high quality massager with a super slim body. 4565-04-3.

These and many other models are available in slim/petite sizes. Go to link and browse through our line. The ones I listed can be searched using the information above...but there are many other options. We include sizing with each product listing, and we also provide a spreadsheet with all specifications on every item as well (under downloads). 1" or smaller in diameter would be considered "petite."

Hope that helps!
Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
Yes. The size of your body has nothing to do with the size of your vagina. I'm not sure why anyone would continue to suggest this. If your muscles are especially elastic, you might be a size queen. If not, it might be best to stick to smaller things.

So, have you tried insertion at all? Have you experience with a penis that was a good size? A lot of folks consider toys around .75" to 1" (diameter) to be small-ish in girth. EF actually lets you organize the vibes page by girth, too.
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