Tights for bigger legs?

HannahPanda HannahPanda
I ordered a pair of tights with bows on the tops from Eden recently and they're so tight, they don't fit on my thighs. I've tried tights from everywhere, from Walmart, to 9 dollars a pair, and none of them fit my thighs. I guess my thighs could be considered a bit healthier than average, but they either roll back down or the seams rip. Can anyone help with recommending some?
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Kayla Kayla
For bigger legs, we have some plus-sized tights here on EdenFantasys, and you might want to look into those. If regular-sized ones are not fitting right, the plus-sized ones may be just what you need. From department stores, look into the JustMySize brand as those usually fit me perfectly.
Beck Beck
Kayla is right. I order plus size for everything. It seems to fit better, but some stockings do just need a garter belt, good luck.
Forever17 Forever17
fredericks of hollywood should have some.
Dusk Dusk
Thanks everyone, I've actually been wondering this for a while. All of my thigh-highs roll down my thighs because they're too tight at the top.
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