Valentine's Day Checklist

Nina C.Helms Nina C.Helms
Sexual Health Enthusiasts recommends you dazzle each of your lovers senses.
TOUCH-Be sure to be silky smooth . After your hair removal ritual, polish your skin with AfterShave to give your skin a glossy finish that is aching to be caressed.
SCENT –Don’t hide in a shroud off heavy perfume, instead smell like a clean fresh you. Mist on AfterTrace for extra freshness and confidence before or after your sexual encounter.
TASTE-Sensuously feed your honey something that will tickle their tongue and their fantasy.
SOUND-Choose a sound track that says what you want.
SIGHT- Radiate poise and allure for optimal sex appeal. Men are especially visual creatures, so if you are drawing one in, slip into the perfect ensemble to have the night end with it on the floor. Have AfterGlow by the bed for easy, effective clean-up of you or your toy selection.
FEELING- Approach the evening with confidence and security. There is NOTHING sexier than that. If you feel it, so will they.
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Kayla Kayla
Those are some fantastic suggestions!
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