Another question about Doc Johnson

Sunny Bunny Sunny Bunny
i have quite a few products from this line and i was wondering about the quality of there vibrators. Are they known to last a good long time? What do you think the best vibrator in this line is?
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LaLaLouise LaLaLouise
I work in an adult novelty store and Doc Johnson products are consistently among the higher quality products. They are less likely to be damaged out and sent back to the distributor, the vibrators tend to have a lot of features. Their toys in general tend to be sturdy, pretty in design, pretty packaging, etc. My one complaint is that the rigid plastic boxes they use often get cracked during shipping, but this changed after they started covering them in a removable clear film to protect them (similar to what comes on the screen of a new cell phone). The only Doc Johnson product I have owned personally is the iVibe Rabbit and I adored it, you can read my review about it.
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