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Would latex allergies be effected by this product?
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ScottA ScottA
Latex allergies are often pretty serious. I wouldn't risk it - get something with 100% known and safe ingredients. 100% silicone, glass, metal, etc.

You could write Doc Johnson's directly (or whoever makes other toys you're interested in) and ask if they'll guarantee it's safe for people with latex allergies. If they won't guarantee it I definitely wouldn't risk it.
Kerin De Francis Kerin De Francis
Hi Lesbian Love,
All of Doc Johnsons products are latex free. With the exception of our expandable buttplugs. Our rubber is a vinyl base. Since everyones body is different, its hard to make any kind of a claim as to who would have a reaction from what, but if latex is your concern, you should be safe with our rubber. Thanks!!
mjonah mjonah
ur3 baby
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