Kinkypixie Kinkypixie
I am falling in love with this brand!
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Rebecca Weinberg Rebecca Weinberg
We love that!
Lady Neshamah Lady Neshamah
I bought the 8" blush recently. I have to say, it is like an 8 inch gummy bear. My wife likes the squishy feel and the size it nice. I noticed the Doc Johnson dildos mostly come in a realskin color and look. My wife doesn't want anything which looks lifelike. The feel is one thing, the look is another. I could see some improvements, like a flared base, and loose the light flowery smell, but those are minor preferences which don't really take away from the toy. My wife's point was that it is a toy so it should look like a toy. It should be colorful and pretty, which made me chuckle. I do feel the product is overall a good one. Until we see something less life like, we won't be buying anything soon. Thanks to doc Johnson for their quality product.
Airen Wolf Airen Wolf
My first experience with toys was with Doc Johnson and I have continued to love their products ever since. I have to give giant Kudos to them for taking the lurid pics off most of their products and going with more 'grown up' and sophisticated packaging! Some of the products I have received recently have made me feel like I'm getting a luxury item for a very small investment just from the packaging alone!
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