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SiNn SiNn
Originally posted by Ansley
Hey everyone! I know you guys just love ticky boxes and I wanted to get an idea on how everyone works with their wishlists. So if you wouldn't mind giving me your attention for a moment, I'd appreciate your feedback for an idea to make things ...
my wishlists change alot mainly because i get the products i want or something new i want more ect
sammyjojo sammyjojo
I need to organize mine a bit better. For now I just have my 'must have' 'edibles and such' and 'honeymoon' since I'm getting married next weekend.
curious kitten curious kitten
my wish lists are not just what I want, but stuff I want to think over or want to comeback too for a closer look
Sally Forth Sally Forth
I do not understand lures. I just have one wish list, and I use it to remember things I saw and wanted to try out. When I end up with extra money or when it's time for a new product review, I refer to it.
ScarletFox ScarletFox
I have one, the most its organized by is lures. I couldn't see myself setting up more then one.
Pudyqat Pudyqat
Way too many!
Pudyqat Pudyqat
I just leave them "as is." No time to separate or play with them.
Aishiteru Aishiteru
I have mine organized by types right now.
1001 Pleasures 1001 Pleasures
I have a bunch of wish lists (all private) and they are organized by type of item (cock ring, prostate, dildo, lube, masturbator, etc.). I have only used the lure feature when browsing the items to review list; if there's something I wouldn't mind reviewing, I will set the appropriate lure.
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