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CG7 control grip vibrator
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The CG7 Control Grip Vibe is not available for purchase but I happen to see it at local adult store so I got thinking I must have it. Now this store has a no return policy and tapes all the packaging closed. So to even open it I had to rip it apart. And I go for a test run and I can't get it to work. I went and even got fresh batteries for this puppy and still won't turn on. Adjusting the batteries wont work either. There could be a mistake made where the alignment from the cap and the batteries don't match, but its hard to tell for me.But, if I can't get it to work how do I contact the maker, or how do explain to the store that it didn't work after I opened it officially? (The website on the package doesn't work)
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js250 js250
Sorry about your issue. This happened to me before I was on EF. I ended up just losing my money on a non-functioning vibrator. The company did not back up their product, the store refused to even discuss returns and I was out $85.00.
JDear JDear
Was there a paper sleeve in it? I work at an adult store and we do accept returns on defective merchandise. Always check the store's policy before purchasing.
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