how small do eveolved toys need to be before they come in a plastic thing rather than a tin?

aBeastlyLittleThing aBeastlyLittleThing
i ordered one and it didn't come in a tin...came in a plastic dome thing...i was jsut wondering, that's a neat perk for me...the cool tin!
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Kayla Kayla
It doesn't seem to make much of a difference in the size. Their silicone Evolved, long vibes seem to come in the plastic dome while their rabbits seem to come in the tin. Some other vibes (like the Lavish) comes in the tin. It seems to be much more of a "from toy to toy" difference than in the size.

However, if you're really gunning for the tin, I highly recommend reading reviews over the toy before you purchase it. A lot of times, the reviewers will mention what packaging it comes in.

(I love the tins too; they rock.)
Xavier7 Xavier7
I agree with Kayla.

And it bad to want an Evolved toy just because my girlfriend wants the tin so much for keeping things like condoms and money in?
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