Do you coat both the inside and outside of your Fleshlight?

xmanx xmanx
On the paper that comes with the fleshlight it says you should coat the instead and outside with corn starch but most people say they just coat the outside. What do you do and why?
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married with children married with children
I have not used any cornstarch on either one of my fleshlights. No problems yet. But mine also dont get used alot.
spiced spiced
I just coat the outside. I found it was unnecessary to coat the inside and that doing so meant I had to wash it out before using it.

I've also figured out that if I go directly to the sink when I'm finished masturbating, and rinse it out by inserting the faucet into the Fleshlight's opening, that I can keep it clean without having to remove the sleeve from the tube more than once a month or so, (and that's just to make sure it's in good shape - so far so good). Doing it this way has reduced cleaning time from 5 minutes to about 1 minute, which is MUCH better as far as I'm concerned!

So I'm hardly using corn starch at all, and I use my Fleshlight (Flight) several times a week.
MrWill MrWill
I've had mine for nearly two months, used it probably 20 times and I've cornstarched it once, but I did it pretty heavily.
Checkmate Checkmate
I just cornstarch the exterior occasionally. Have never done anything with the inside other than cleaning and drying.
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