High pitched noise from charging Gigi?

Annemarie Annemarie
Whenever I charge my Gigi, an annoying high-pitched frequency emits from it, sometimes in the pattern of the blinking light, and sometimes just random. It's super annoying, and it gives me migraines and makes my jaw hurt.

Does anyone else have this problem? My roommate doesn't hear it, but my dogs do; they howl at it.
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gone77 gone77
I've never owned the Gigi, so I can't say what it could be. However, I suggest you ask Lelo via Eden Link: link
DeliciousSurprise DeliciousSurprise
Weird! I've got a GiGi and I've never heard that when I charge it.
sophie2229 sophie2229
My first Iris had this problem. Contact a customer rep from EF (or Lelo if you didn't buy it here) and see what they can do for you. Lelo let me exchange mine.
ScottA ScottA
It's probably the power supply. Switching PSUs can make high-frequency noise and the volume would change based on how much power was being drawn.

Don't know if it indicates a likely failure or not - if it does you might want to exchange it.
jaimijacklin jaimijacklin
never had this problem with mine
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