Ina okay for more petite women?

ironmouse ironmouse
I was wondering if any particularly petite women could relay their experiences with the Ina? I am strongly considering a purchase, but the bulbous end is a little concerning. I've read the measurement information available, but I was more curious as to any first-hand experience anyone can share - especially if you're prone to "popping" or "squeezing" sensations upon insertion [I am]. Thanks!
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Adriana Ravenlust Adriana Ravenlust
There's a misconception that a petite woman will have a smaller vagina or have trouble with toys. That's not necessarily true. You can be tighter even if you're not necessarily petite...

With that said, I have had trouble with bulbous toys like the Vr 6 by Jopen but Ina wasn't an issue. I'm not entirely sure why because they're pretty similar. I find that my pubic bone likes to extend quite a bit. Of course, with plenty of foreplay and lube you may not find this to be a problem anyway.
ironmouse ironmouse
Thanks for the reply. It's very helpful. Just to clarify, I didn't mean "petite" as in overall build, but size of the vaginal canal. I've had issues with intercourse which my gyno attributes to just being small there.
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