Insignia Brooch

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Insignia Brooch

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Would you wear the Insignia brooch that the Insignia line comes with?
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
Emily! , Airekah , Coralbell , Tasty Latina , toxie m , Orion , jaimijacklin , zracer , clp , CassandraL , HouseWench , barrettbn2 , sexygoddess , Waterfall , sixfootsex , Wyo Daisy , Angelica , AndroAngel , kadytheredpanda , Hibangel , oopsy , queergaze
22  (21%)
leela , Kayla , Lady Venus , liilii080 , Tart , DeliciousSurprise , x cherri , Protopmr10 , Selective Sensualist , mikebooks , Emoushan , Adriana Ravenlust , Gunsmoke , callsignhusker , cburger , eggiweg , ~Brittany~ , Midway through , C4ss , LocoMan , darthkitt3n , Shellz31 , dhig , tits only , The Curious Couple , sarki , big b , indiglo , Devz , BabyL0ve , sexyintexas , Kate , Missmarc , Stinkytofu10 , Jon S , bunniebunnie , leanright69 , Kissy , Lummox , slynch , True Pleasures , HotSalsa , Howells , dbm6907 , SMichelle , melid34 , Woman China , November , tinadice , DixieDoo , sweetpea12 , SJ88 , Azule
53  (51%)
Elliotstar , DCorrelle , Upskirt , wetone123 , bunny love , M121212 , null , MaryExy , Pinkhare , EnMH , Collogue , sktb0007 , Princess-Kayla ♥ , KittenPrincess , EndlessFrost , EvilHomer , Love Perpetua , PassionCpl , eeep , biancajames , Mr. & Mrs. Peg , wrmbreze , AHubbyof2SexualMinds , samanthalynn , Girly Juice , SubmissiveFeminist
26  (25%)
zeebot , Ice1
2  (2%)
Total votes: 103
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Emily! Emily!
If I actually wore brooches, I would wear it! It looks super elegant and pretty. For the most part, I clip my brooches and pins on my travel bags and stuff. Or sometimes, when I want to be really fancy with my up do's, I'll put them in my hair. The Insignia brooch would look awesome in one of my special up do's!
Kayla Kayla
If I actually wore brooches, I would wear it too. However, I usually (okay, never) wear brooches, so it's not something I'd wear. However, I do have it sitting out on a bookshelf to be displayed. It is a pretty brooch.
Airekah Airekah
I would wear it. mainly because it would give me the opportunity to talk about the lelo line.
Lady Venus Lady Venus
I would probably pin them to my toy pouches.
Tasty Latina Tasty Latina
This will be a great conversation piece and will give the opportunity to talk about what it means and that way promote the product.
liilii080 liilii080
I don't wear brooches. It would probably go on my book bag or sit in the box with the toy if I had one.
Coralbell Coralbell
I don't wear brooches, but I'd probably wear it at least once just for fun.
toxie m toxie m
If it went with my outfit, sure why not. I'd more likely just pin it to my purse, actually.
null null
It's very pretty, but I'd be embarrassed if someone recognized it :/
Nathan von Minden Nathan von Minden
Originally posted by buzz
Would you wear the Insignia brooch that the Insignia line comes with?
If I were a girl, yes.

It's like a secret club! LOL
TheSinDoll TheSinDoll
I'd wear it.
clp clp
Ooh, I'd love to! A tiny reminder on the outside of my secret mischief!
HouseWench HouseWench
@Emily It would make such a pretty addition to a figure-8 bun!

I'm not really the brooch wearing type other than in my hair and on scarves, but it would look really pretty on pretty much anything you put it on
sexygoddess sexygoddess
wetone123 wetone123
I have a travel bag that I put different kinds of buttons, pins and small brooches on the fabric inside on the lid. I'd prolly put it there
zeebot zeebot
It comes with a brooch?
Shellz31 Shellz31
I have two Lelo brooches and they never leave the boxes!

I'm not into them - too old fashioned for me.
M121212 M121212
I might if I was feeling mischievous.
tits only tits only
Give it to my granmother
The Curious Couple The Curious Couple
No, I'm not a fan of brooches.
sarki sarki
big b big b
indiglo indiglo
I wouldn't because like so many others I don't wear brooches. I'd stick it somewhere, maybe to the toy bag.
Collogue Collogue
It would be a cute hairclip
Princess-Kayla ♥ Princess-Kayla ♥
I'd wear it if I wore brooches. It's really pretty.
sexyintexas sexyintexas
I might put it on my vest that I wear when riding, I mean, I do wear a zero tolerance baseball cap as well. I figure if people know who these companies are then we can just share a smile
Tessa Taboo Tessa Taboo
Is there a pic of it somewhere on the site?
Kate Kate
I voted no but only because I don't wear brooches
Love Perpetua Love Perpetua
I voted maybe, because I think it is cute, and I would probably pin it to a bag. I don't wear brooches in general, though.
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