Liv vs Mona

eri86 eri86
The Lelo Ella dildo ended being a bust for my g-spot. I'm attributing that to its shape. And since Ella is the wrong shape for me, I'm assuming Gigi wouldn't be a good g-spot vibe for me either.

So do I go with the Liv or the Mona? Does anyone happen to own or at least tried both?
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The Vixen The Vixen
I have Mona 2 and I also have the Moka and Zizo which are part of the Picobong line. The Zizo is pretty similar in shape to Liv, the main difference is that the Zizo is battery operated.
Zizo/Liv's shape is ok and it does feel nice, but it's nothing super exciting for me and it's a little on the small side for my taste. I didn't get much in the way of G-spot stimulation from it either, because the curve is so slight.

I really like my Mona 2, and I love the head that it has. I haven't had my Mona for very long, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far!
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