Thoughts on Picobong?

Cora Jane Cora Jane
Has anyone tried these? How are they compared to other LELO toys?

I'm tempted to try one for the lower price tag, but I'd rather just save up if they aren't nearly as good...
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Ms. N Ms. N
I have the PicoBong Kiki. I got it as an assignment when it first came out. It is adorably cute, as are all of the PicoBong line, but it was way too weak for me. I have not tried any of the others.
Ryuson Ryuson
I have tried two from the first line (Kiki and Honi) and they both sucked pretty badly. I also have the new Zizo which is just awesome! The new line is actually a lot better than the first one, and the designs seem much more well thought out.

They are not going to be as strong or quality as the Lelo toys. They aren't rechargeable, but in turn they are waterproof. I recall that there are several reviews with comparison images, so you may want to focus on the shape differences between Picobong and Lelo if the power and different features don't make up your mind.
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