Warranty for Lelo

flameworker flameworker
I recently purchased the Ina 2 which I highly recommend!
The clitoral portion stopped working. I called Lelo on a Monday afternoon and asked about the warranty. I was told to register my item and then submit a claim. I mailed out the item from Florida to California on Tuesday afternoon.
To my surprise the following Wednesday ( 8 days later) I received a replacement at my front door mailed from China. Talk about great service!!!! Looking forward to future purchases on edenfantasys of those great Lelo products!!!!

Remember to register your items on their website. It is real easy!
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FieryRed FieryRed
Wow, that's some fast service! Very good to know, for those of us who haven't had to make use of the warranty yet.
StormOfSnakes StormOfSnakes
Oh wow, that's great service. I wish all expensive sex toys came with a warranty ($60+).
lacybutton lacybutton
This is good to know because my Mia just fell apart after maybe 10 uses and I was just wondering about this. Thanks!
Mrs.Hellzapoppin Mrs.Hellzapoppin
That's awesome. Good customer service is a wonderful thing.
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