We-Vibe II anyone?

Appleman Appleman
I was thinking of getting the We-Vibe II for the wife and I because it looks interesting. I would like some feed back from anyone who has used it. Men and women…
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Kayla Kayla
We-Vibe is actually a We-Vibe product - not a LELO product. Just an FYI.

As for the product itself, I'm actually really fond of my We-Vibe. We don't pull it out all the time (just because the vibrations can sometimes get numbing to him), but it's comfortable to wear during sex and definitely makes it more pleasurable on my end. I would suggest reading the reviews for the We-Vibe II though. There's a lot of great opinions about the toy there. You'll have much more success in the forum if you have any specific questions about the We-Vibe. Otherwise, your best bet is to read the reviews.
Appleman Appleman

I'm not sure why I thought it was a Lelo..
lanky lanky
this toy is soo much fun. My wife never came so hard. Must have.
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