sassyNsensual sassyNsensual
I'm considering getting the BonBon. I wasn't wanting to get a new toy to go with it at the moment. I don't have any flare based toys but I have a G-Ki and other miscellaneous Doc Johnson and Fun Factory vibrators.....would those works?
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Annemarie Annemarie
Theoretically, any toy works, flared base or not, however, it is best to use a toy that is at least 9 inches long from root to tip, so that the bottom can sit in the pouch fully and snuggly.

If the toy is a draggier material that's not slippery, you could probably get away with less of a length.
married with children married with children
I dont know, our bon bon has not showed up yet. I hope that not only flared toys will work.
Kayla Kayla
We have the BonBon, and a large variety of items go with it. Like AnneMarie said, you want to have it be relatively long in order for it to fit really snugly. So while most of the average FunFactory vibrators would work (including the G4) line, the Minivibe FunFactory toys might slip out a bit too easily because of the short length. As long as the toy is relatively long in length, it should work just fine. (Larger-diameter ones tend to stay in better than smaller-diameter ones, and material that is draggier (silicone is usually draggier while plastic would be slicker) would tend to stay better too.
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