Pipedream Products Get "Outsourced"!

Kayla Kayla
Pipedream Products have a ton of different products, and they're one of the largest novelties companies out there. However, have you seen this new achievement from Pipedream? It's amazing!

Pipedream has been "Outsourced" - No, no, not like that. Their products have been been featured on the show "Outsourced"! Some of their gag gifts like the Condom Hate, Boobie Gelatin Shooters, Boobie Tassles, and After Sex Towels are just some of the few products that have been featured.

How neat is that? Have you seen Outsourced? Have you had a chance to see their products on the show? I've been trying to get a look at this hit show that premieres on Thursday nights at 10:30 on NBC, but I haven't had a chance quite yet. What product of Pipedream's do you think they should feature on their show next?
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kelaaa33wish kelaaa33wish
I have never seen Outsourced but I think Pipedream has a lot of neat products.
Diabolical Kitty Diabolical Kitty
I haven't seen it yet, but I will have to see if I can check it out.
PiratePrincess PiratePrincess
I'll need to check it out! I've seen the show a few times and enjoyed it.
ScarlettSeraph ScarlettSeraph
I haven't seen the show yet, but I like the movie it is based on.
yeoshua yeoshua
I miss this show. It was a real laugh!!! Too bad they took it off the air.
LinToxic LinToxic
So Outsourced is one of those gag shows right?
Pipedream Products Pipedream Products
Originally posted by LinToxic
So Outsourced is one of those gag shows right?
It was on NBC & lasted one season about a novelty company and how it's call center gets outsourced to India.
P'Gell P'Gell
It was a cute show. I did see the products on the show and didn't realize they were from Pipedream. Too bad the show didn't last.
Nacht Stern Nacht Stern
I really miss that show.
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