Welcome to EdenLink, SINFIVE!

Antipova Antipova
Your Pikilo is one of the most excellent dildos I own, and I know many people love your vibrators too. I really love the Esperanto naming scheme.

Looking forward to seeing what new products you'll come up with, and I hope you'll enjoy interacting with us here.
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Wild Orchid Wild Orchid
A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople) A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
sexyintexas sexyintexas
Welcome! I love my Pikilo!!!! Thanks to Antipove for introducing it to me. It is my new shower buddy!
buzzvibe buzzvibe
Awesome! I love my Emigi. That's the only product from them I have so far.
Shellz31 Shellz31
Welcome SinFive!

I have my Pikilo arriving sometime this next week - yay!
~LaUr3n~ ~LaUr3n~
Florian <3. Thanks for all the wonderful toys!
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