Are Sliquid products Fair Trade?

indiechick indiechick
I have gotten a variety of questions about if sliquid products are fair trade, but I don't have the answer. So are their ingredients fair trade? It personally won't stop me from using them, but I have a few friends that are dying to find a fair trade vegan organic lubricant and I know that sliquids hits more of those marks I just didn't know about all.

Any information or information on how to find information is welcomed. Thanks in advance
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Winifred Winifred
This is a good question, I'm interested as well.
leopardprint leopardprint
Determining whether or not their ingredients are "fair trade" would require knowing where each ingredient comes from. That said, some things, like water, aren't regulated as "fair trade" because no one farms water.... therefore, none of their products can be "100% fair trade" nor can they be "100% organic;" some things (like water) aren't regulated or monitored that way. I'm sure you could email the company and find out if they source things ethically and/or use fair trade policies where possible.
Ningyo Ningyo
I don't think so because they would put it on the label if it was.
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