New VIP Supersoft Questions

Rawhide Rawhide
So, as mentioned in an earlier thread, the VIP Supersoft is getting a new "better in a harness" base.

I've been really curious about this ever since I heard it. What makes the new base different than the old one? What makes it better in a harness? And when might we see pictures of it?
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Jenna@Tantus Jenna@Tantus
The base has been thickened dramatically, which gives it more stability in a harness. Also, the top of the base is generally where toys tend to pull out of a harness's O-ring. So we've been looking at ways to bulk up that point in particular. There's nothing more frustrating than having to stop what you are doing during sex, readjust a toy, possibly having to loosen and retighten a harness.....we were looking for ways to get more stability and comfort into using our toys with a harness.

I don't know what the timeline is on new photos here at EF. But I have some on the way at Tantus.
Rawhide Rawhide
Nice! Thanks for the quick answer, looking forward to seeing those pictures!
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