Need a compatible harness

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Need a compatible harness

Maxi99 Maxi99
Cyber cock
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Is there a harness for the CyberSkin Cyber Cock with Balls?
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bluephyre bluephyre
Originally posted by Maxi99

Is there a harness for the CyberSkin Cyber Cock with Balls?
Actually any harness with an adjustable O-ring works well. I have even used it with a thigh harness and had no problems using it as such. Good luck finding the right harness for you and your partner.
ScottA ScottA
When you're using a dildo with support (some sort of a flare) on only one side (as here, there are the balls on the bottom but nothing on the top), any O-ring harness will work but you do have to take a bit of care during use. Eventually, the top of the dildo will usually start to work its way through the O-ring and out, and it gets worse the more extra space the harness' O-ring has (for the Cyber Cock you'll want as close to a 1-1/2" ring as you can get, possibly even trying a metal one).

The "working out" phenomenon is more noticable when you use a toy anally, as the anus grips the toy much more strongly than the vagina. You might be able to get away with more if you're using it vaginally, but you should still keep an eye on it.
Sera Sera
If it were me, I wouldn't even try this in a harness. It seems a bit risky, and also quite an annoyance as I truly agree with ScottA's nice advice on this.
guy4guyz420 guy4guyz420
thanks for the review
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