Anything new in the pipeline?

3d3n1 3d3n1
Curious if Vixen has plans to release any new Vixskin toys soon...
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squire squire
Doesn't seem like it, eh! I don't they have updated their product line in almost a year, which is too bad. Tantus has been pumping out new products left and right, I'd love some different fix skin options to chose from. I don't think they have a rep here at Eden anymore either. Hope it changes as they are great.
thisisadeletedaccount thisisadeletedaccount
I don't know, but I hope so! I really like their products.
squire squire
I don't know if EF will get this model, but Vixen is offering a Halloween themed Leo that is orange and covered with bats (not vixskin). I guess they are getting a head start, but other than that I haven't heard any updates from them in some time.
spiced spiced
I wish they'd make something like a bigger version of the Goodfella. Something with the full 360° balls, but the size of Johnny.
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