Is the Vanilla Vixskin too pale?

1001 Pleasures 1001 Pleasures
Since they offer two deeper shades of brown, I think the vanilla would appeal to those looking for a lighter tone. Personally, I like the deep chocolate the best, and would probably choose the caramel over the lighter vanilla. But that's just because I already have some lighter flesh colored toys.
ashboo32 ashboo32
the vanilla matches me really well bc I'm very pale however my partner is light skinned but his penis is a little darker than his other body parts. the carmel is way too dark so it would be nice to have one in between.
Bleu Bleu
I think the Vanilla is fine. Honestly, I went with the caramel color when I bought with my mustang because it reminds me of my boyfriend's penis.

If the race of the penises offered bothers you then don't get that color.

I don't like "chocolate" tones on dildos. I'm black myself and I can't see why people are so obsessed with black/chocolate tones on dildos. I think my Mustang Vixskin is the only "natural" colored dildo I get, though. He's special for me and does something for my fantasies. It's easier to imagine myself doing something if I can look down and see that the dildo isn't bright pink.
Kynky Kytty Kynky Kytty
Originally posted by Genderfree
Strangely enough, the vanilla is actually darker than my skin tone! I guess that might also be because I'm a ginger.
Wow! And I thought my light skin tone was pale without being as pale as the Vanilla, I must really change my point of reference as to what's pale.
Kynky Kytty Kynky Kytty
Originally posted by The Girl With No Name
I'm really pale in the winter and the vanilla Vixskin is still lighter than I am. I wish I'd gone with the caramel for my first Vixskin dildo, though if I buy another I'll definitely choose caramel or chocolate. The chocolate Vixskin ...
I have a Caramel Johnny and I want a Chocolate something soon. It does look very yummy.
KrazyKandy KrazyKandy
the vanilla is too light and ghostly so I just settled for the caramel.
Mr. John Mr. John
Originally posted by AndroAngel
The Vamp, by Tantus, matches my skin tone pretty closely, so Vanilla is perfect for someone like me who believes pale is the new tan. However more color variations would be nice in general for people who's skin tones don't quite have a match.
I am a caucasian male, and I find the caramel Vixskin product's to be a spot on match with my skin color. The vanilla would be too pale for me. Of course that might be different for some one else. We enjoy other Vixskin colors as well.
joiedejouets joiedejouets
I like the Vanilla, I do wish it were a tad darker though!
thedapperwolf11 thedapperwolf11
The vanilla is fine with me, but I would like to see more skin tones
karenm karenm
I like the vanilla, personally. I don't think it's too pale.
llellsee llellsee
I'm not a fan of the vanilla shade at all, I'm very pale myself but always opt for the caramel.
LoneOokami LoneOokami
The vanilla matches my skin tone well but I do think their should be more colors to be more inclusive
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