Vixskin in other colors?

FieryRed FieryRed
Originally posted by Melan!e
I had never seen this one before. Wow I'm bummed they discontinued that!

I just got a raquel and am so pleased with the material that I had to get some more vixskin even though I much prefer unrealistic designs. I'd buy a whole line ...
I'm in a similar boat--the VixSkin material was so great that I started with Spur, even though I dislike realistic shapes and colors. I love the Spur, but have been wanting a little more some additional length for from-behind Raquel just arrived, and I'll be trying her out tonight!

Man, I would have loved to add Soft Serve and...what was that other discontinued non-realistic VixSkin dildo?
FieryRed FieryRed
Oh, right, it was the Orbit! Hmmm, it does look very similar to a smaller, blue version of Raquel...
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Originally posted by potstickers
Any chance of making vixskin material products in other colors, for those of us that prefer non-realistic colors?
Vixskin is now producing many varied colors for many of it's models.
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