Does your pet watching make you feel weird?

Tangerine Tangerine
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I have a dog that insists he always be in the same room as me and will throw a fit if he is not. With that said he is ALWAYS around. So when I am having sex he is in the room. This makes me uncomfortable and makes him mad. He now leaves the bed and goes to the couch pouting about it. Does your pet watching make you feel weird?
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Ghost Ghost
It gives me the creeps a bit, but my animals have, through time, become less interested and tend to just go somewhere and fall asleep.
Lucidity Lucidity
Yes, I [almost] always make my pup leave the room before any kind of sexy time.
Gingy Gingy
Yes it bothers me how he watches and tilts his head and occasionally makes little sounds....I find myself yelling "shut up and lay down" quite a bit. Our neighbours must think we have a very strange love making technique
SweetSurprise SweetSurprise
Yes it is a lil creepy. I give her a dog bone or toy so she now wants to stay out of the room.
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