How do you know when a marriage just isn't working anymore?

SweetXSurrender89 SweetXSurrender89
My husband and myself got into it bad yesterday it got a little physical I was so mad i started to head but him in the face we usually don't get into it that bad but I feel like I cant talk to the man sometimes and this is my first marriage and idk what to do any married people out there with advice PLEASE HELP!
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Ansley Ansley
When you decide that you can't hold a conversation with your spouse or that you don't feel comfortable talking to them about even the slightest disruption in the flow of the marriage, it's time go get couple's counseling or start figuring out how to sever ties.
married with children married with children
when the sound of their voice makes you want to vomit.

have you guys gone and seen a counselor? I would suggest you go and spend some time with a counselor and try to work out the problems, see if they can be fixed or not before some one gets hurt.
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