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eroticmutt eroticmutt
I have seen people offering you 15% off if you use a certain code which I believe might be their affiliate code.

If you use your own affiliate code, do you get 15% off?
If you use someone else's affiliate code, do you get 15% off?
Are you allowed to advertise your code like that?
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KC Kitten KC Kitten
Good question...I think it's the affiliate code and I think you can use your own
Peggi Peggi
The 3 digit code that offers you to receive 15% off of an order (which can't be included with other discounts) is the affiliate code.

If you use your own, you do get 15% off.
If you use someone else's, you do get 15% off even if you have your own code.
You can DEFINITELY advertise your code either on Eden, a social networking site, email it to your friends, I post mine on facebook and when I have a friend who I know will be shopping the site I am sure to send it to them!
Jul!a Jul!a
You can advertise your code on your profile, but it's very frowned upon to leave affiliate links or codes in the forums. You can use your own to get a 15% discount and get yourself the 5% commission, or you can buy through your own affiliate link for the 20% commission. You can't stack your own code with your own link though. Well, you can but you'll get the discount and the smaller commission.
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