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Zamp Zamp
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So I'm turning 21 on the 29th of January 2012. I've been looking to put a little purple collection together for myself. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to what I might try for my kit. The only rules are it has to be portable and purple, and if it's a vibe I would love if it was water proof as well.
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Ghost Ghost
Portable? Like, a kit to take around with you? Well, my perfect, portable, purple set up (right now) is:

- Liberator escape (a roll up playmat you can take anywhere; comes in purple)
- Liberator wedge
- Fun Fantasy Share
- We-Vibe III
- Je Joue Mimi
- Fascinator Posh Throw
- Tantus O2 Flurry, Rascal or Cush
- Tantus Purr
- Vixen Creations Champlette
- Tantus B-Bomb
- Fun Factory Lovering 8ight
- Love Pacifier (comes in purple, but you can use any plug with a ring) + tail (mine is a handmade kitty tail in black, but purple is easily made by most sellers!)
- Rope (silicone, cotton, nylon, or hemp... all can be found in purple)

Fun list to compile.
Zamp Zamp
LOL wow you went above and beyond ^ ^ thank you. I happen to love purple so much I'm sure it's one of my fetishes
Zamp Zamp
Thanks so much for the help hun ^ ^
Zamp Zamp
thanks again for all of your wonderful suggestions
emiliaa emiliaa
I have added some lovely purple to my wishlist recently myself, check these out lovely.



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