#AskEden - Do I need to include the second page of the shipping label?

Do I absolutely need to include the second page of the shipping label file when returning an item or will a note describing the damage and price I got it for suffice?

I ask because my printer went nuts on me and so I'm having to have a friend print the label for me. I would rather they don't see the Eden letterhead and stuff of the inner page.
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I've done a note before, but the times I've done it they've returned the cost to the wrong place. One time I sent a note AND sent a support ticket and that seemed to work out better.
Okay, thanks! I did send a support ticket to get the shipping label and am asking for a replacement of the item instead of a refund so hopefully this will work.
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Theyll probably figure it out
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That should work just fine I have sent support tickets an forgot the 2nd page and got my refund/replacement with no issues.
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