#AskEden - Signing for our packages?

kitty1949 kitty1949
I had to sign for my most recent package. I just figured it was because it was a larger box and contained some expensive items. *shrugs*
- Kira - - Kira -
Eek. I had to sign for mine today. My mail lady said "it says it requires an 'adult signature'" and gave me an evil look. She's older. She'll never look at my many packages the same again. Poor woman! Good thing I'm not easily embarrassed!
ghalik ghalik
I went to pick up my package because I got a notice saying it had to be signed for (usually they leave all my mail). They wouldn't let me sign for it because I'm under 21! WTF?????

At least this has been taken care of so it won't happen again, but I'm not pleased.
SkylarrStarr SkylarrStarr
I got my order two days ago...I checked the tracking and it said it had been delivered a few minutes before but there was no package at my door...I totally chased down the mailman to get it...glad it's solved!
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