Turnaround time for shipping orders?

Kat Shanahan Kat Shanahan
I'm wondering what the usual turnaround time is for orders to actually be shipped. I placed an order at around noon on the 17th, and my order status is still showing as "in process" today. I know there was a weekend in between there and I know orders most likely don't get shipped on weekends, but to be honest, I kind of expected it to be shipped Friday, since none of the items in my order showed as being out of stock.

Is this a normal timeframe for shipping?
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- Kira - - Kira -
Mine usually ship around 4pm the day I order them. If I order after 3pm, they ship the next day. Sometimes the timing is off, so I've had some that I order at noon not ship until the next day. Nothing ships on weekends.
Ryuson Ryuson
If I order after 11 or so I usually have to wait for it to ship until the next business day. I also think that it depends on how busy they are! On Black Friday or Valentines Day there will be a slower turnaround.
Beck Beck
I am not positive on the shipping for Canada, but I have never waited more than 2 business days. The 17th was a Thursday, depending on what time you ordered it would not be shipped out until later Friday or possibly Today. I have had where the item was ship just never updated either, on the tracking. It may not get out today either since Monday is busy and they have to do all the orders from the weekend. If it is not shipped out by tomorrow, submit a support ticket.
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