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Nirelan Nirelan
Sedeux leather couture harness review
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How do i become an Advanced level contributor? i have searched all through the site and i cant find a specific answer :/ THANKS!
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js250 js250
If you go through the mentor program, you will be an advanced reviewer upon graduating, get great advice on review writing and have a new friend on the site. Or, you can request an upgrade where the other members of the site vote on your reviews and possibly advance you to an upgrade.
- Kira - - Kira -
You can become advanced one of two ways. You can either write two reviews and go up for community vote or you can do two reviews with a mentor. When you graduate the mentor program you will automatically become advanced.

I would recommend the mentor route. It helps improve reviews and thus ranking overall. The higher your rank, the higher the price of the free toy you can select.
Nirelan Nirelan
Thank you guys so much! I applied for a mentor!
keeweepoo keeweepoo
How do I get the community to vote me into being an advanced level contributor?
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