Question about selling on the Classifieds

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Question about selling on the Classifieds

VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
I just barely checked out the classifieds today and I think it's awesome! But I don't see any rules about using it.

For example, I'm interested in selling some lingerie that I stashed in my closet and have never even worn. But the thing is I didn't buy those pieces from Edenfantasy's I purchased them from a different website. I'm not even sure if this would be allowed or not? Also, I've seen people asking for eden gift cards/points in exchange for the item they are selling. Is this ok? I'd love to know what the rules are for the classifieds. Thanks.
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Ghost Ghost
I think it's ok to sell stuff you didn't get at Eden. I think you are supposed to work out what the form of payment should be with the potential buyer, and I don't see that gift cards would be unacceptable.
Ansley Ansley
You can sell anything you'd like on the Classifieds, as long as it's legal to do so. What isn't allowed are things like posting personal ads for hook-ups, prostitiution, and need I say drugs? Spamming the community with anything that might be offensive and promotions/deals for competitors are also not allowed.

It doesn't even have to be sex toy or lingerie related. Some people have sold books, some people have put guitars up for sale...

The purpose of the classifieds is to trade within a community you respect and admire. Methods of payment are between the seller and the buyer and if you need help with the gift card portion of it, you can send an email to JR and he'll help you with that.
VioletMoonstone VioletMoonstone
That's awesome! Thanks.
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