Locked out of account, emails for support not going through

LostWanderer LostWanderer
My SO has been locked out of his Eden account for a couple months now, we think for failing to put the right password in too many times, and maybe also from connecting from a different IP than normal. We tried calling the customer service line, but their operating hours don't work well with us, and apparently there was high call volume the first few times we tried. We were eventually able to get through, and were told to email Stormy for support, but every time we've tried that we've gotten a mailer daemon. Looking in to things directly now, it appears there aren't any official admins at the moment.

So my question is, who do we contact to resolve this issue and get my SO's account unlocked and password changed?
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js250 js250
There are only a couple things you could do at this point--I am sure others will also leave good advice and may be of better help. The first one is to go to Stormy's personal page and message her. The second is to wait it out until they have administrators back in place. Good luck, this has caught many of us off guard and patience is definitely called for until everything gets resettled on the site.
Ansley Ansley
Hey, I left the company in March but have return temporarily to help sort all of this out.

Send me a PM with the account info and I'll look into it for you.
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