Eden on the iPhone?

zwee75 zwee75
So I recently updated to the most recent ios5 and there are times I'm on Eden just fine, then other times I cannot log in to save my life. And I never even logged out. I try thru Eden and thru Facebook. I've rebooted by phone and cleared cookies & cache. I have no idea what's going on but it's driving me bonkers. Anyone?

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RonLee RonLee
Yes, it does that to me too. No idea why, it just does.
Gracie Gracie
Me too! It's agravating, but then later it works again. One thing I have noticed is in safari see that there is not more that one window/page open to EF. Sometimes if I check and close all but 1 page it will work again, but this could be coincidence.
zwee75 zwee75
I am able to log in on my daughter's iPod touch, though. Also ios 5.
Subbi Subbi
I have had the same issue on my fiances iphone. I just clear my cache and cookies and it normally works for me :/
zwee75 zwee75
I did both. And rebooted. Seems to come in waves. Now it's not working.
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