TheeGirlNextDoor TheeGirlNextDoor
For some reason when i go to place an order it won't let me and its also a sunday so I can't call. What do I do? It keeps saying invalid card info when all of my debit card info is right...
Apr 6, 4:36 pm
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BlackOrchid BlackOrchid
It could be a number of things, for instance a typo in entering your card information. Your bank/credit card company may have put a temporary hold on your card if what you are doing is outside of your normal spending habits, they do this as an effort to prevent fraudulent activity.

Good luck with placing your order! Once you get through to customer service, you should be good to go.
Apr 7, 8:58 am
edeneve edeneve
it's Mon now, call Customer Service. they've always been very helpful for me. be sure to explain your problem thoroughly. you'll also be able to place your order w/ them too.
Apr 7, 3:16 pm
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