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PeaceToTheMiddleEast PeaceToTheMiddleEast
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Is 15% the only discount codes that are offered?

I thought I saw one higher then that but I could be mistaken.

Also if anyone does have any higher then that, can you let me know.
  • Labor Day Sale  - Save 80%
  • Save 50% on massager and attachment kit
  • Save 45% on massager and attachment kit
  • Lingerie Clearance: Save 25%
  • Super Savings! Save 50%
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Ms. Spice Ms. Spice
I'm assuming you're talking about affiliate codes. If anyone has an affiliate code, you're able to get 15%, and only 15% off your order. Which is better than getting nothing off, in my opinion.
js250 js250
Affiliate codes are 15% off your order. Promotional codes from Edens, used for promotions and special sales vary, check the static on the front page or the promotions at the top of the page. You also have the option of a buy out assignment which is put in yout assignment cart by using the 'grab it' option on the top right of an item page. This is 30%, received when you actually go to your assignments page and request it. You are limited to six at a time and must complete the reviews before ordering more.
iLashe iLashe
also, you get the 3% commission if someone (self included) uses your affiliate link. If you get a banner with your affiliate code in it, you'll get 20% commission, though they clicker doesn't get any discount. It's helpful when placing your own orders though. Imo.
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