is the affiliate code good on sales items?

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so i give someone my code (offline affiliate program), this entitles them to 15% off. can they use that on sale items and get 15% off sale price?
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Taylor Taylor
I'm pretty sure that you can only use a code or get a sales price. They dpn't let you stack discounts (at least I think). So if the sale price is more than 15% off they'd be better of just doing that instead of using the code.
married with children married with children
I think so. Just type in the code and see what it does. You can always take off the code
Misfit Momma Misfit Momma
The code doesn't work on sale priced items, same with other coupon codes.

However, if the savings generated by the coupon are higher than the savings from the sale, I believe it will override the sale price and give the discount off of the regular price.
Rockin' Rockin'
Taylor and Misfit Momma are correct - the affiliate coupon code acts like other coupon codes, which can't stack on top of items that are on sale already. The code will take off 15% from regular prices, though, which is still a nice incentive to get someone to buy something.
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