Am I crazy or did I just take too long to review?

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Am I crazy or did I just take too long to review?

petite-n-sweet petite-n-sweet
Okay, so I was shipped an item a month ago. It was shipped to a Post Office Box, and the person with the key kept forgetting to retrieve my toy from the mailbox. Then I went out of town for a week. So, I was not able to try out a toy I was sent until three weeks after it was sent. The review then didn't get submitted until 4 weeks after it was sent.

I have never taken so long for a review before. Normally I have a one week turnaround. Its just that I am now depending on someone else to bring me my mail, so it takes longer. (I should get that worked out )

Anyway, when I finally went to do the review, the screen was full of glitches. It wouldn't let me save as I went. It asked me for review categories, then did not recognize when I answered it. It erased things I wrote numerous times. Then when I finally got frustrated and pressed submit, hoping to get some of it in before it deleted it again, it did not award my eden points, or let me go back and edit.

So now I have spent three hours on a review, lost 30 minutes of what I wrote, and did not get the eden points for it. Is it because I took too long getting around to reviewing the product, or is it just a random glitch?
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ToyTimeTim ToyTimeTim
That sure sucks. Sound like a glitch to me, I would send in a support ticket and ask about it.
petite-n-sweet petite-n-sweet
Thanks! I feel a little better now, I'll just wait for the support ticket response.
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